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Our Guarantee


If you experience a problem with any of our products, customer service, shipping or even if you just don’t like how it tastes; we’ll work hard to make it right for you!

Customer service is our passion and each box we sent out has a little love inside!  If anything goes wrong with your experience, we’ll take responsibility for fixing the problem, straight away.

We’re committed to…

  • No Hassles-   Whatever the problem, we’ll listen and fix it.
  • No Statute of Limitations- We don’t care when the problem occurred.
  • Your Taste Matters- If you’re not satisfied with how your product tastes, send it back and we’ll send you something you rather eat or drink. 

Our guarantee doesn’t just cover our products.  We ensure your satisfaction with every part of your shopping experience when using Cezars Shop.  If you have any issues with any part of your Cezars experience, please contact us; we want to make things right!    If you want to share your suggestions for improvements; we’re happy to listen! 

Cancellation Policy

Sure, no problem!  We only asked that you contact us by noon on the day your package is scheduled to be shipped.  Unless requested for later delivery, most orders are processed on the following day, so pleasecontact us quickly.  If the package is shipped, please refer to the section below.

Returns and Exchanges

Sure, no problem!  If you are unhappy with your item for whatever reason, please return it and we are happy to exchange to something that you’drather enjoy.  In the event of a damaged delivery, we’ll cover the shipping for both directions and expedite your replacement.